The Dynasty Guru Expert’s League Update – May 29th, 2014

I have been invited to participate in a fantasy baseball league composed exclusively of seasoned writers from the best baseball websites in the country. I will use this space to keep you updated on the league and my team in particular. I am competing against some of the best minds in the industry, so it would be a great accomplishment to win a championship in such a difficult league. So far it has been very exciting and my team is doing well!

The league is a dynasty league with 30 man rosters plus a 10 man minor league roster. We use a standard 5×5 rotisserie scoring system. We can keep 35 players each year. There are 20 teams which makes this experts’ league extremely deep and challenging. Including the Disabled List there are 850 rostered players! You can read all about how the league works here: The Dynasty Guru Experts League. The league has some neat features including the “Invisible Hand” draft slot bidding process so be sure to check out that link.

I wrote an article about my draft strategy here: My Draft Plan
I then wrote about how the draft played out and the players I selected: My Draft Picks

Here are the standings as of May 29th:
The Dynasty Guru Experts League Standings May 29, 2014

See below for info about the owners of each team.

As you can see, I am currently in 1st place. I am thrilled to be doing well so far, but the truth is the standings are still quite fluid even though we have now played 1/3 of the season. Team McKahn and Team Doran trade places frequently, with one or the other sometimes jumping out to a 10 point lead before getting reeled back in. I believe Nick Shlain and Chris Crawford have snared 1st place for brief moments in recent weeks as well. Bret Sayre (the Dynasty Guru himself) has been steadily and inexorably inching his way toward the top and will surely be a factor as the season rolls by. I think up to 10 teams still have a chance to win this thing.

With 20 teams competing for points in 10 categories there are a lot of points changing hands on a daily basis. It is not unusual for a team to gain or lose 7-10 points in a single day, so overcoming a 25 or 50 point deficit over the next 4 months of baseball is certainly possible by all means. I am sure the standings will look much different in October than they do now in late May.

  • Team Doran — Nick Doran writes for Blazing Fastball and The Dynasty Guru.
  • Team McKahn — Ian Kahn is an actor who has appeared in many tv shows and movies. He also writes for RotoRob. Tim McLeod also writes for RotoRob and is a veteran player in major fantasy baseball leagues.
  • Team Shlain — Nick Shlain writes for RotoWire.
  • Team Sayre — Bret Sayre owns The Dynasty Guru website and is also the Fantasy Content Manager at Baseball Prospectus.
  • Team Crawford — Chris Crawford writes for ESPN and owns MLB Draft Insider.
  • Team CielyMitch — Jake Ciely and Chris Mitchell are both writers for RotoExperts.
  • Team Karaman — Wilson Karaman writes for Baseball Prospectus and The Dynasty Guru.
  • Team Carsley — Ben Carsley writes for Baseball Prospectus, The Dynasty Guru and several other websites.
  • Team ChateSonn — Luke Chatelain and Adam Sonnet write for The Dynasty Guru.
  • Team Kantecki — Alex Kantecki writes for Baseball Prospectus and The Dynasty Guru.
  • Team Rosenbaum — Mike Rosenbaum is the MLB Prospects Lead Writer for Bleacher Report, also writes for RotoWorld and The Golden Sombrero.
  • Team Cwik — Chris Cwik writes for CBS Sports and FanGraphs.
  • Team Newman — Mike Newman writes for and owns RotoScouting.
  • Team Sussman — JD Sussman writes for FanGraphs and Bullpen Banter. Nathaniel Stoltz writes for FanGraphs.
  • Team MBTDG — Mike Buttil writes for RazzBall, RotoScouting and The Dynasty Guru. Paul Clewell is co-owner.
  • Team Hunt — Jason Hunt writes for FakeTeams.
  • Team GoldRubio — Craig Goldstein writes for Baseball Prospectus, SB Nation and The Dynasty Guru. Mauricio Rubio writes for Baseball Prospectus and Cubs Den.
  • Team Glaseau — Craig Glaser writes for Bloomberg Sports. Tom Trudeau writes for Bloomberg Sports and ESPN.
  • Team BaldBarn — Noel Baldwin and Andy Barnes write for The Dynasty Guru.
  • Team Breen — J.P. Breen writes for FanGraphs and Disciples of Uecker.

Here is my current roster:
The Dynasty Guru Experts League standings
















My hitters are the strength of my team and it shows in the standings. I have been making lots of trades to bolster my pitching staff. In recent weeks I have added Dan Haren, Wade Miley and Hiroki Kuroda by trading off most of my prospects. The minor leaguers you see above are the ones I picked up to replace the ones I traded away. Berrios and Johnson are the only prospects left from the 10 I drafted this Spring. I traded away Mike Foltynewicz, Yorman Rodriguez, and Devin Williams to get Wade Miley. To obtain Hiroki Kuroda I had to part with Taylor Guerreri and Billy McKinney. Getting Haren cost me Koji Uehara. As a bonus I was able to get extra draft picks in each of those trades.

If  you have any advice to help me win this league post a comment below. I can use all the help I can get! I will also answer all your fantasy baseball questions.

You can follow this experts’ league on Twitter using hashtag #TDGX to get all the latest news from all the participants.

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